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The perfect Cyprus getaway

‘’Matteo Villa’’ is one of the leading unique villa resorts in Cyprus. Matteo Villa's goal is to provide its clients with the top summer experience Cyprus can offer.

First Impression

"Awaken to tranquil mornings, a steaming cup of coffee in hand, as the sun paints the horizon in hues of gold. Our exclusive four-bedroom villa welcomes you to a world of serenity, where the pace of life slows and stress dissipates with each breath. Lounge by the infinity pool, Cyprus's natural beauty stretching before you, a balm for the soul. As twilight falls, switch off the lights and let the stars illuminate the sky, a mesmerizing canopy above. Just a whisper away from the Mediterranean's stunning beaches, our villa isn't just a retreat – it's a haven of unforgettable experiences."


In the most special location Cyprus offers, Matteo Villa, located in western Limassol, is just a 25-minute drive to Paphos city center. This unique location allows you to enjoy both cities. spend your day tanning on the beaches of Paphos, and stay for the sunset at a beach club. At night, Experience the vibrant culture of Limassol's city center clubs, restaurants, bars, marina, and the marvelous new casino.

Getting here

Searching for Matteo Villa Limassol in Cyprus could never be easier! Just write Matteo Villa Limassol on Waze or Google Maps. For pick-up and car rentals please contact us.

''We have been visiting Cyprus as a family for 12 years and we can honestly say that this villa is the best that we've stayed (and we've experienced some pretty good ones). The view is magnificent and makes all the difference, It's impossible to get bored staring out at the endless blue sea! If we get the chance we'll be back next year''

Matteo Villa Limassol

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